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The article “Why Do We Hate Our Bodies?” by Gillianne N. Duncan, purpose is to urge people to stop self hatred towards their bodies. The author discusses about women complaining about their bodies at her job. She then asked her co-workers if they hated their bodies and answered no that they just wanted to look better. Throughout the day at her job she listens to her “co-workers talking about going to the gym, dieting, surgeries they would have if they had money, and even starvation”(pg.114). Duncan writes, “If your body and you were married, you would go to jail for domestic violence”(pg.114), she means you would go to jail for treating your body without care if you were married to if by abusing it. I agree with this statement because women go to far lengths to make their bodies look impeccable. Surgeries and starvation are the easiest and fastest methods most women take to be contended with their body. Women are obsessed to live a fairytale with their bodies looking like Disney princesses. Makeup television shows work by giving women complete makeovers by changing their looks and body from head to toe. Gillianne explains how the shows give people surgery like liposuction, tummy tucks, breast implants, collagen injection, botox, porcelain veneers, and face lifts. Makeover shows are then compared to…show more content…
People transform themselves into looking appealing because being fat and ugly is considered unappealing. “If we stopped trying to look like Barbie and Ken dolls and stopped listening and allowing the media to tell us that our bodies are fat, ugly and our bodies are our enemies, maybe we will make a new friend or find a lover in the body we were given”(pg.116). Instead love yourself with self care for your body rather than having hatred towards your body by continuing to allow yourself to be deluded by the aspects of what an attractive person looks

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