Why Do We Learn A Foreign Language Essay

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Why do we learn a foreign language? Because learning a new language today may provide feedback that's worth more than you think. In the age where our world is more open to communication, it makes easier and faster to cross-border communication. Of course, the most commonly used language in the world is English. So we see that foreign language communication is more important and plays a role in our society. I have divided my presentation into three parts; Increase your chances of getting a job, Multilingualism has a beneficial effect on the brain, and Multilingualism helps slow down aging. Firstly, Increase your chances of getting a job. “Learning a foreign language is more than just a boost to your CV or handy for travelling. It will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English.” as demonstrated by…show more content…
Noodee (2016) said that Today's parents want children to speak no less than three languages. Speaking only in Thai and English, it is normal for everyone to speak. Now the children have to speak Chinese. After speaking in three languages. Do you believe that it will not enough? Because the children who speak three languages are not afraid to learn new languages. Whether it is Japanese, Spanish, French, they will be very fun and will try to pronounce for new words. According to the research in the brain and linguistics (n.d.) it found that people who speak only one language it is very difficult to speak second language but when you can speak bilingual, the third language is not very difficult, although the early part is still difficult. The miracle will begin after the third language, because our brains will begin to adapt to the "universal language" mode, where the brain will begin to understand the structure and incorporate new tools into the brain to deal with new languages because we understand the different structure of many languages. Some people call the Universal Language
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