Why Do We Learn In Kindergarten Essay

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Why do we learn the things we do in kindergarten?. Some lessons like two plus two and how to read make sense why we learned them because we still use them today. Thanks to Mrs. Kyle i know how many oranges i have when one friend gives me two and another friend gives me too. I can right this essay and read my favorite books because I had a dedicated kindergarten teacher out there to led me. However, what about the other listens we learned in our primary years? Do these other lesson actually have value in our adult lives? Did the efforts of our elementary school teachers stay in our heads all these years to contribute to our current and future decisions? Did lessons that were stressed everyday like “ hold hands and stick together, play and work some everyday, and put things back where you found them” actually stick with us. In Robert Fulgham’s book “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten” he talks about how kindergarten lessons become life lessons and stay with us. I…show more content…
However, no matter how much someone loves their job there will be days they don 't like and work they don 't like doing. A police officer might like their job because they get to save people, but that doesn 't mean they like the paperwork they have to do after they save someone. People work to make money and they play to forget they have to make money. From an early age a child is taught that work and play are important. They are taught you can 't have one without the other. You need money to play and you need, to some extent, a good life to be a good worker. Good workers also have good habits like putting things back where they found them. This lesson for obvious reasons is one everyone should learn. It’s easier to find something if the last person to use it placed it back in the right spot. It makes everyone 's life easier for everyone if every person abides but this
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