Why Do We Obey Miranda Rights?

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Why do we obey the Miranda Rights? We obey the Miranda Rights because it 's the law and if people do not obey them then they will get into major trouble. The Miranda Rights are important because it 's more than words. It is more than words because miranda rights are laws that anyone that is everyone must obey them or they will be sent to a court of law and be judged whether or not the person being convicted of the crime should be released or thrown in jail. We get thrown in jail because of the bad things we do as a person such as: stealing from a store, having illegal items, have any number of slaves in your house, etc. Miranda Rights Meaning Right to Remain Silent Lawyers during questionings Miranda Rights: More than Words…show more content…
The person who is getting arrested must remain silent during the arrest and as well as being in the police car. Police are supposed to say this during an arrest because whatever the person says can be used against them in the court of law. The right to remain silent means people do not have to talk while something is taking place. After the police say this they tell the person what it means and why they tell them this. When they tell people this it means they are reading the person their rights to them. What is the reason we have lawyers during anything to do with the police or the court system. Lawyers are usually present during questionings. A lawyer is present to try and change the jury 's decision. Lawyers are present during interrogations to convince the cops the person is innocent. If someone can 't afford an attorney one is appointed to the person. The court found it necessary to mandate notice to defendants about their constitutional rights.
The complete meaning and reason of Miranda Rights. Miranda Rights are used during anything involving the police or court. The Right to Remain silent during an arrest. Lawyers are present during most cases with the police/court. This whole essay is about how the cops and courts are here to
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