Why Do We Study Math Essay

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AlKhwarizmi is one of a famous mathematician person in the world. He was in the sixth century, and Khwarizmi has left many publications in astronomy, geography, science of the most important algebra book and a lot. His book algebra, which consists of two main sections contains the first two algebraic theory, which is dedicated to the theory of algebraic equations and calculations, and to resolve the various issues by this theory, and applied to engineering problems. In addition, he has a lot of theories teach today in math and other science such as engineering and computer science. After Khwarizmi, math is developing, and it becomes important in the life. Mathematics is the science - unchallenged - the backbone of most modern science, which contributed to the development of mankind over the past centuries. It also is the simple language deal with numbers. Therefore, people do not need to learn a new language because numbers are same in any languages. There are several reasons for why students are studying math.
The first reason for why students are studying math is using applications for math in the daily routine. Some people think do not need to use math in every day, but if
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Mathematics take part in each science, so scholars who study math they want to discover theories that can help other parts of science. If the math develops, it can support other parts of science developing and make other science grow up. For example, math helps physicists in their major to improve. This means a mathematician gives the physicists some theories that can use when they do their jobs such as the theory of differential equations and more. Another example for math supports the science using math in engineering. In each part of engineering, they need to use math. They use the theories of calculus when engineers want to calculate a specific area. In the end, supporting the science is a reason for students study
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