Should Women Be Allowed To Fight In Combat Essay

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Should women be allowed to fight in combat? Women should be allowed to fight in combat because statistics show that integrated military units perform better and have a higher group intelligence, women are willing to fight in combat knowing the dangers, responsibilities, and requirements needed and still show courage, and if someone is qualified for the job then gender should not matter. Protesters believe women cannot withstand the trauma of combat and cannot be aggressive enough, it is tradition for men to fight, not women, and women are susceptible to sexual harassment, but women still deserve the right to be equal amongst men in combat because women have proven themselves to be capable to do whatever they set their minds to. Recent studies at Harvard Business School show that group intelligence of the unit rises when women are on the team. Due to social sensitivity, the ability to read emotions, integrated units perform better when both sides are understood by each other. Social sensitivity is a crucial skill while in combat because there will come a time when the mission requires complete silence. Although women do have a harder time with being one of the guys and…show more content…
There is a higher group intelligence when women are on the team and the team's performance is more organized and successful. Even with all of the dangers women face, they still want to fight for our country. In order to be qualified for a job in the military, both males and females have to go through the same procedures and training. Although couples can form, it is tradition for men to fight in combat, and females have a harder time meeting the same physical requirements as men, but women can do just as much as males and have proven this by their accomplishments and motivation such as the two women who graduated Ranger school and the females soldiers that go through intense and physically exhausting training just to fight for
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