Why Do Women Choose Abortion: Right Or Wrong?

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Abortion Today, abortion is one of the biggest debate topics. Some argue that respect should be given to those who are unborn, and the other side argues that women should have a choice for their future. Some women choose abortion because they feel they should have control over their bodies, control over their future, and control over their finances. On the other hand, some people believe that abortion is wrong because of the potential risks, morality, and the rights of the unborn. Abortion does not have to be the answer to an unwanted pregnancy Advocates of abortion believe that it is spiritually and morally permissible for a woman who finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy to seek an abortion. In an article from Pro-choice Action Network,…show more content…
Women who lack an income will more than likely have difficulties because of not being able to afford proper medical care. They may not be able to support the child. According to Linda Lowen in “Why Women Choose Abortion,” she states that planning for a child is very difficult financially. When a woman is able to save her money, it is easier to support her medical care and the child. An unplanned pregnancy can add additional financial hardship, especially to younger women. Not only will the pregnancy care create financial burdens, but the raising of an unwanted child will add to this problem…show more content…
However, an unwed woman has three alternatives: abortion, keeping the child and raising it, and adoption. Even though it can be difficult for a mother without the help from a significant other, there are many benefits and values that are unrecognized until the baby grows. For example, Tim Tebow is a product of an unplanned pregnancy. His mother was advised by doctors to have an abortion because her fifth child would not live due to lack of oxygen from other medical issues. She chose to have the child anyway. He has grown to be a successful football player. He can now witness that abortion is not always the answer (Alcorn, p1). Pro-choice people believe that when the doctor tells a mother that the child will be born with mental deficiencies or defects, she should abort the child. However, this is a selfish decision. Even though children with mental illness may bring difficult challenges to the parents, more often than not they bring a different type of happiness and

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