Why Do Women Get Equal Pay Essay

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We all have dream jobs and what that dream job is, is up to you. They are our dream jobs because it is something we can imagine ourselves doing for the rest of our lives and never getting bored. Our dream jobs can be any job we choose, you can choose to be an Astronaut, Athlete, Teacher, Doctor or anything you can think of it is completely up to you. Now we have all picked a dream job and turned to the internet and looked at the salary for our job of choice and you become excited for what your future holds. You begin to imagine you getting your dream job of becoming a Doctor or Astronaut and you begin to imagine all the new things you will buy with your money. And you begin to base your whole life on this dream job and no matter why you picked…show more content…
Our research suggests that although the differences are not uniform across types of services or products, women do tend to pay more than men for items such as deodorant, haircuts, and dry-cleaning. We suggest that such practices contribute to gender inequality by increasing women’s economic burden.” (Duesterhaus,175) Women that do not receive equal pay are limited on how they can live and what they can buy. This is one reason why women deserve equal pay because the prices of products that women have to pay are higher and due to the low wages a lot of women are not able to buy the products like deodorant or other things which denies women their right to obtain and have basic needs met for survival. Also many women have domestic responsibilities like providing for their children and this can be especially hard for single moms even prices for baby items are priced higher because they are targeted towards women buying them for their children although men can buy them their kids as well the marketing is directed toward women buying them more than men. Women that even receive higher education than men in their field face a lower salary. It is a common belief that if women really want to receive equal
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