Why Do Women Love To Shop

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A lot of men wonder why women simply love to shop. Is it because they 're into fashion that much? Do they hate money that 's why they keep on spending it? Do they really have to buy new set of clothes, shoes, bags, almost every month? It is indeed pretty obvious that women love to shop way more than men, by simply looking at the chairs on almost every boutique where there are guys waiting for their women to be done. So why exactly does women love to shop till they drop? There are a couple of reasons and here are some of them. “Too many people buy things they don 't need, with money they don 't have, trying to impress people they don 't even like” - Unknown REASON 1: To show off Unfortunately, some women, not every women though, tend to shop just so they could show off, especially in the social media. They would post where they…show more content…
It is described as a therapy for people, especially women, who are going through a rough road in their lives, and shopping can help them get their mind off of things and it could also lift their moods. Although, there is no medical or psychological proof that this kind of therapy actually works. People who are most likely to be depressed tend to turn to shopping as their way forgetting their problems. It is often compared to drug addiction and alcohol addiction, since it is always considered to be an escape route for people who are going through something. REASON 4: Who can resist a SALE? When there is a sale on a particular shop, women are always their target consumers, simply because ladies just couldn 't resist a sale. It is already given that women love to shop, and they just love it even more if everything is like cheaper than they usually are. No one sees men going crazy waiting and lining-up for a shop to open just because there is a sale going on. Some stores use this as a strategy to attract customers, and it obviously work every time. REASON 5:

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