Why Do You Deserve A Scholarship Essay

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My parents always stressed how we should do our best and have to work for the things we want. Growing up I learned this doesn’t come easy. As everything college is upon us I have reflected on these principles and pondered how I will come up with the money for my college education. The clear cut answer is scholarships. You will see in this essay that I am a worthy candidate for this scholarship. I know there are many applicants but I will explain what sets me aside from others.
There are a few achievements I am proud of, but what I am most proud of is my progress in school. I have always worked hard and tried to get my best grade. I have done pretty well in school and am trying to prepare for college. I try to develop better study habits and
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As a teacher he is there when you need him but does not do the work for you. This has helped me learn to take more responsibility as I am approaching the end of my high school career and preparing for the responsibilities of college life.
I intend on attending kettering university. I went on a visit there and enjoyed all they have to offer. I selected this college of all because they give you the best opportunity to start your career early. They have a great reputation and are a great school overall. The best part is their work program, where you are able to work half the semester and then study the other half. Kettering provides the best educational opportunity for someone wanting to study mechanical engineering, like myself.
I am confident in my decision to study mechanical engineering. I plan on majoring in mechanical engineering because I love math, solving problems and being creative. I am currently taking an ap calculus class at school and attending Lapeer Education and Technology center for the second half of my day. I have been attending Lapeer ed-tech center for 2 years now where I study CAD mechanical design. I have learned parametric solid modeling, worked with 3D printers and am currently learning code for

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