Why Do You Hate Yourself Essay

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10 Signs You Hate Yourself And May Not Even Realize It
We all know that self-hate is easier to do than self-love. Little do you know, your behaviors in daily basis could show whether you love yourself or vice versa. Here are 10 subtle signs that actually, you hate yourself and you need to change immediately:
1. You’re being obsessed with social media
When you hate yourself, you will always need approval and validation from others. If you constantly check your social media accounts just to find out how many likes you get or how many people view your Insta story, you need to pause and ask yourself. Realize that you won’t need people to like your post if you like yourself enough in the real life.

2. You have trouble accepting compliments
It’s hard for you to believe that you have something worth to be complimented. Thus, no matter
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You’re afraid to fall in love
Falling in love is something scary because it’s very hard for you to be vulnerable to others. You don’t want them to realize that you are not perfect, because you can’t even fully accept your insecurities. You always focus on your flaws instead of your strengths, thus it makes you believe that no one will ever love you and it makes you close your heart to experience love.

7. You do self-pity regularly
When you hate yourself, self-pity will be your daily habit. You enjoy being sad and you complain a lot about your life. You always see your life as black and white, and you like to post those sad quotes on Instagram. You tend to forget that you are the only one who can make yourself happy because everyone is busy saving themselves.

8. You’re afraid of having big dreams
Because you don’t believe that you can achieve it. You always look down to yourself and it makes you afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. You hate to confront rejections and failures because those will only make you feel worthless. Thus, you always hide in your shell and avoid those opportunities.

9. You’re too hard on

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