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School Board
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Dubuque, Iowa 52001 Dear School Board, Are you ever fidgety in class? Ever have a student that just won't calm down no matter what you try? Well students and teachers I have the solution for you! I believe that if you give students of all ages recess it will help them in a lot of ways. In this essay I will tell and explain to you why I believe students of all age ranges should have a recess at least one time a day.
My first reason is that it relieves stress. By letting students go outside and burn off all their energy it helps them relieve their stress. Say for example, a student is struggling with a math question or they are worried
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Exercise gives the brain what is like "brain food" stated Why Kids Need Recess. By letting the students go outside, it helps provide this so called "brain food". This 'brain food" which is oxygen, water, and glucose by letting them go outside its not only helping the students its helping the teachers because it gives them a little bit of free time to grade tests, or go outside with them, or give them just some simple quiet time simply. By getting this "brain food" it will help improve their moods in class they will be fully refreshed and not wanting to take a nap, they will be less wild or quiet because it will wake them up and refresh them and get them ready to take the rest of the day on and it will help break their day up. Exercise also stimulates students’ brains almost like saying "hey wake up brain" because school starts early already but it helps them wake up and get ready for the…show more content…
After recess all the kids will be tired recess is supposed to be a time to run around and get tired to use their energy. By giving them recess they will fidget less in class and be less wild because sitting in a chair all day long can drive kids crazy because they like to be active and run around and play all their fun recess games like football and kickball. It will calm down the kids in class because if they used all their energy they’ll want to sit down because they are tired and they will fidget less and pay attention more because they have nothing to distract them anymore they used their energy and they are all tired and ready to sit still and learn in the classroom and tackle that worrying test or figure out the math problem they were stuck on before recess now they are refreshed their brain is up and awake and they are ready to learn. For the younger students in elementary schools it would help improve their behavior because they won't be screaming anymore rather they will be happy because they just had so much fun outside and now they are tired and ready to stay still and learn. Why Kids Need Recess said that in class it would almost improve all grades for students who have recess.
In conclusion, I believe students of all ages should have recess because as I stated not only do students get to expend their energy it will wake them up in the morning and help them be productive during the
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