Why Do You Think Teens Should Have Curfew

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Do you think teens should have a curfew so they can’t go out and have fun anymore at night? Well, the government does not think so. They think we should have a curfew because they don’t think teens should be out to late at night. They think all teens are bad and are criminals. Well, having fun and going out to dinner later and riding around late at night should not be banned because they think we should have a curfew. One way we could stop them from enforcing that law is that they are not our parents. They should not be the ones telling us when to come back home and how long we can stay out, our parents should. As Kimberly Ellis states “The law does not help rebuild residents, trust in the police, and ‘gives the impression that we don’t know how to raise our kids.’” Also they think all teens are bad, and are criminals. Which they can’t prove that because a lot of kids are not, and don’t do anything wrong.…show more content…
Which some stores would not make as much as they did when they had it open all night. In “The Trouble with Youth Curfews” it tells us that “many people argue that it does take our freedom away and instead of decreasing crime, it increases it”. It makes a lot of people mad that their freedom is being taken away from them. In addition, the story “America’s Curfew Debate” explains that “Curfews violated parents’ rights to set their own child’s curfew.” That would take a parents’ freedom for parenting their own children. So just because they don’t think kids should have a curfew doesn’t mean they can take a parents’ freedom to parent their

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