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Why you should Visit South Korea I believe South Korea is one of the most beautiful countries and cultures in the world. My family and friends believe I'm a South Korean expert. When they want to know anything about their history, culture or language, they always ask me. Sometimes they don’t understand how another culture can be so different. The problem is getting people to have a good understanding of South Korea and the Korean lifestyle. Many people have asked me how I came to know so much about South Korea. I would tell them through my interest in learning about different cultures of the world. One reason I fell in love with the South Korean culture was the deep respect they have for each other and their very low crime rate. First, when visiting South Korea you will have a difficult time adjusting to the language.The Korean language is spoken in both North and South Korea, but through over 70 years of separation, it has varied drastically. Although not to worry, as English is taught from very early on in school. Many signs will be…show more content…
One thing you need to adjust to in most Korean households is you will be asked to take off your shoes.The floors in Korea are covered with mats, which are used to sit and sleep on instead of chairs and beds. Wearing your shoes into the house would bring the dirt, dust, mud and bacteria in and you would not want to sit or sleep on it. Another common fact that many people never properly understand is with their birthdays. You might get confused when discussing their ages as this is because their birthdays are not counted as aging a year. Although they are celebrated, Korean people don’t consider themselves a year older until January 1st. Korean people will usually have an age of 1 or 2 years older than someone who was born in the same year elsewhere, as they are considered a year old when they are

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