Why I Want To Enter Njhs Essay

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You have the honor and privilege of being in position to do something amazingly Special. If you have the chance, you must do it. - Tom Seaver It is a great honor to have been selected for National Junior Honor Society which is privilege that is not granted to all students. I have dreamed and longed to enter NJHS since the beginning of 6th grade and it is one of my main goals. When hearing that my brother had been declined in 8th grade, I instantly knew that it was not an easy feat to accomplish. The only thing that I wanted was to beat my brother into entering NJHS. When being given the letter of nomination I was excited and satisfied. Excited because this was the chance for me to get into NJHS and be able to beat my brother. I was satisfied because I knew that my hard work in school had finally paid. Now that i have the opportunity or the possibility to get in, I am going to cease it and use it to my advantage. What I am merely saying is that I am the best option you have. This whole essay, in fact, is to prove why I am the best option. In this essay I will be reflecting on my character,…show more content…
I would participate in everything that I can, and help others. I am fluent french and english speaker in a bilingual but mostly french speaking country. I would be able to translate french to other people who cannot speak nor hear french. Another help I would be is comfort. Even though the orphans that you help don't know me, they would be more comfortable talking to me than a white race person. An additional characteristic of mine that could help you is my brainstorming. I said it in my second paragraph, I am able to come up with great ideas and I can think big but also think small. I can reflect on a situation and find a good idea to help that situation. I am also sociable with other people so I could with just about anyone. A really important aspect of mine that I can help you with being a
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