Why Do You Want To Be An IT Job Essay

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Work has always been a very important part of human’s life. First of all, it is necessary to have a stable income to make enough money for your own needs and needs of your family. But besides earning money, people also work for many important reasons, including to transform their hobbies and interests into something useful for society, to avoid wastefulness, and to keep their minds active. There are great opportunities to find an IT job in Finland, where such companies as Nokia and Rovio were established. But there are plenty of factors to consider before applying for a job in IT field here. First of all, you have to decide a particular kind of job you want to do.

Information Technology contains hundreds of different professions in it. The basic categories would be support, security, and programming. Within each of these, there are lots of smaller categories, which you can pursue as an IT specialist. Support combines jobs connected with resolving computer issues. You
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What is more, it is possible to get a job even if you don’t know that country’s language at all. Of course, it is preferable to know both languages, if you intend to work in non English-speaking country, but there are a lot of companies that require only fluency in English. It is quite reasonable, considering that nowadays more and more IT companies in Europe enforce English in the workplace for all meetings, documents and communications. As IT programs in MAMK are taught in English, international and Finnish students have a great opportunity not only to develop English communication skills, but also to learn and master the necessary vocabulary related to Information Technology. Therefore, MAMK graduates will not face possible difficulties with communication in the
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