Personal Narrative: How I Will Change My Life

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Our lives are marked by events that make us grow and mature. We cannot grow if we are too comfortable. Only by being out of our comfort zone will we notice substantial transformations in ourselves. Many times, to advance through obstacles, one must endure excruciating pain. To get through difficult situations the only option might be to reinvent yourself, to replace what you thought was fair and right, and adjust yourself to the new reality. Our way of doing things and our capabilities might be challenged along the way. Whether we fail or succeed, the entire outcome of that situation is up to us alone. A year and two months ago, it was up to me, to make a decision that would change my life, and I am glad it has proven to be the right call.…show more content…
The first time I committed to train rigorously was when I coursed tenth grade. That year I joined the school’s women’s soccer team and a small soccer club, which held practices during the weekends. As eleventh grade was coming to an end, so were our school’s team practices. This meant that I had more time to play for other teams. During the summer before my senior year, I was waking up almost every day early in the morning for training, and had games during nighttime, including weekends. Needless to say that soccer had become the main focus of my life. My sole motivation for waking up every morning was to get better and stronger with each practice and game. Everything I did was for my improvement. All I looked forward to, was the next time I would be on the field and the next time I would be running with a ball at my feet to score a goal. Having soccer play a major role in my life was utterly satisfying, until I could not play
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