Persuasive Essay On The Benefits Of Attending College

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“In most cases, college graduates have better interpersonal skills, live longer, have healthier children, and have proven their ability to achieve a major milestone.” People argue graduates have bigger pays and more benefits than someone with a highschool education, Though the attendance of graduation from college has been strongly encouraged in the past few years, technical trade careers are becoming more of a demand because of the decrease in people certified to hold trade positions, the lack of motivation to attend college, and the new generation hold sense of entitlement of what they have. For a good Career you should and need to go to college, if you want the best entry level of a job, college helps promote you higher pays and higher positions in your job rather than, starting a job brand new with no experience. You will be further in your career, you would increase your earning potential, start building your business networks, and you would be exposed to other careers…show more content…
What a lot of people don’t know is there are different was to pay for college, the way everyone knows is getting a scholarship in sports, but then you have to stay in the sport or they will take your scholarship away like it’s nothing. Grants is one of ways, most are given based on your finically needs and income. Getting a part time job through high and college is a smart way, you could build up your money in high school to pay for school in college and still be working and paying it off, you can’t beat that. Living off of campus is cheaper than living on campus, college students spend so much money for their dorms. Another decision would be going to a community college, yeah it sucks kind of but this cheaper and you will still get the same learning for what you want to
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