Why Do You Want To Study In England Essay

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I. Study abroad in England

According to Rebecca Murphy noted that “a country with over a thousand years of history and many of the most recognizable sites in the world, England is every study abroad student's dream.” England has had a significant global influence from impressive contributions to science, from the likes of Francis Bacon and Stephen Hawking to a rich literary history featuring Chaucer and Shakespeare and even significant contributions to pop culture through artists like The Beatles, England has played a large role in making our world what it is today.
In addition, England is one of the world” best educational systems”, making it an obvious choice for many students in the world those looking not just to expand their horizons, but to receive a top-notch education abroad as well.
Carla Stanton, International Manager of
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But just in case you need a bit more convincing, here are our top three reasons why you should choose to study in England.

1. The British educational system has a good reputation
According to O’s Driscill, (1995) say that education in Britain is compulsory for the most years and the school year is the longest. The number of hour in the school week is no less than the average for Europe.
In addition, recognized around the world as a world class system, the UK's education system is comprehensive and adaptable. This section also has vital information on how to enter programs in the UK such as GCSE, A-Levels, SCE ‘ highers’, GNVQ and degree programs.
Carla Stanton, International Manager of UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), remains, “British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation”, with students in the United Kingdom encouraged to develop their potential while enjoying a full social
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