Why Do Youth Athletes Get Paid?

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How do you think a youth athlete would feel when they are awarded with something everyone else got? According to the "Trophies for all" policy, youth athletes are being awarded with participation awards. Participation awards are becoming more commonplace today. Particularly throughout youth athletes. There is no participation award for life. Coaches believe that giving out trophies to youth athletes will not cause long term damage to them, although extrinsic motivation on its own can be harmful to youth athletes and won't help them at all. Youth athletes shouldn’t be getting awarded for just showing up and participating in activities. Participation trophies are becoming more commonplace today, particularly throughout youth athletes. According to "The Great Trophy Debate" by John O'Sullivan, If kids get participation trophies every time they just show up they are going to lose all meaning. Trophies are supposed to have meanings to them like, they are the most improved in class or they have ran a mile in a short amount of time. If we give out more trophies like this kids will be happy that they got it. When participation trophies are given out every single day each student is going to value it less because they already…show more content…
Of course if youths are given out trophies it will show them that just because they aren't the best doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to play at all. If we give youth athletes trophies it could give them the wrong vibe. It's showing kids that they don't have to do anything to get an award. Youths out there need to know they actually have to work hard to earn an award. Parents believe that it's going to give them a boost of confidence, Even so it may give them confidence it's not going to be special if everyone got the same
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