Why Do Zoos Violate Animal Rights

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The desire to venture and roam freely is a defining right of what it means to be a living being. Especially in a day and age where freedom is a prime factor of society. To really compare humanities, knowledge, philosophies and accomplishments, with the rights that animals have would be quite irrational. As irrational as these beliefs are, humanity the more superior species must acknowledged their duties to keep these living organisms safe as they all provide a purpose for the outside world in an ethical point of view. Holding these animals captive Zoos deprive them of their natural rights that in turn violates humanities very own beliefs and morals. Zoos simply serve no purpose holding an animal in captivity for the enjoyment of the public…show more content…
Economically for a business to survive anything must be done no matter the cost even if it means cutting corners by violating animal rights through means of captivity, holding them against their own will. This is the basis of reasoning to why Zoos and aquariums have such little regard towards the basic necessities of these creatures. These facilities have proved to be a very profitable business and a very successful industry as they flood billions of dollars a year into the United States economy alone. Their presence heavily contributes to the flow of capital in the economy, “AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums in 2013 to be $17.2 billion”…show more content…
The ideologies of evolution and the natural world call for a being of any species to have its justification for freedom. Zoos that captivate these animals violate many of these ideologies as well as heavily interfere with the evolutionary and instinct based sides of these animals. Life typically finds a way and these animals will exhibit violence in order to be free and roam freely again. Zoos simply serve no purpose for the protection or conservation of any endangered species. They simply serve as a business idea to formulate appeals to the masses in search of profit. The only things Zoos can teach is what happens when you hold a wild animal against its own will and instinct or any being for the matter. It is extremely stressed that humans as the superior species should respect to the confines of the natural world as every living being has an evolutionary purpose and the world functions only when things coincide in a harmonious relationship between man and the natural

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