Why Does A Bourglar Keep Smashing Statues Of Napoleon?

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The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes helps you learn about how Sherlock was smart, serious, and brave. So If you like a good mystery book this is the one you should choose. About the book, Why does a burglar keep smashing statues of Napoleon? What is the Speckled Band is the Sp? Come join Sherlock Holmes and his helpful friend Dr. Watson as they find the clues to the truth of these cases and many more. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes contains 9 short stories about different crimes, murders and mysteries. It will talk about the past, the future, and so many others things. The Adventure of the Speckled Band has to be the scariest of the 9 short stories, A Scandal in Bohemia is the most mysterious story in the book. They are my favorite stories
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