Why Does Holden Alienate Himself In Catcher In The Rye

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Furthermore, alienation is showed by Holden. He tends to alienate himself from the world because he fears change, he wants love and a sense of comfort. He isolates himself when he didn't go down to the bleachers for the game at and he also isolates himself by constantly getting kicked out of schools. All those changes make Holden feel alienated because he just doesn't fit in. He tends to alienate himself because he doesn't trust anyone, he thinks everyone is fake . When Holden was at a Earls piano bar and he lied to D.B.’s ex- girlfriend that he had to leave because, he thought she was annoying and left the even though he didn't want to. He seems not to care too much about his ex-girlfriend Sally either, he told her she was a pain in the butt;
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