Why Does Lennie Want To Get Away

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In the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck George and Lennie wanted to live the american dream of owning their own property. But they have to do jobs on ranches before they can achieve that goal. George did the right thing shooting Lennie. My reasons for it being the right thing to do would be that If he hadn’t someone else would have and Lennie held George back and my final reason is that he’d get into more trouble if they’d gotten away.

Others may claim that George should’ve let Lennie live and tried to get away. However Lennie had killed a person this time not just another animal. The people searching for him wouldn 't stop it’d be a relentless chase.

First of all if George hadn’t done it someone else would’ve. Someone else like Curley or Carlson would’ve done it because on page 92 it says “I’m gonna get him. I’m going for my shotgun. I’ll kill the big Son-of-a-b**** myself. I’ll shoot ‘im in the guts. Come on guys.” said Curley. This means
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Because on Pg.14 it says “Course you did. Well, look. Lennie---if you jus’ happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come here an’ hide in the brush.” Meaning that George knew that Lennie would again get into more trouble.

Finally if he hadn’t done it Lennie would continue to hold him back. Because on Pg.10 it says “If I was alone I could live so easy. I could get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble.” George said this implying that he would have been better off without Lennie tagging around holding him back. George did the right thing shooting Lennie in the head. He did the right thing because If he hadn’t someone else would’ve and it would have been more cruel. If he hadn’t done it Lennie would continue to get in trouble. Lennie also held George back so now he can move forward without being held back because of Lennie. So all in all George did the right thing letting Lennie go the way he
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