Why Does Mark Twain Choose Huck Finn?

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How does a writer know what voice to use for a particular story? Why does Mark Twain choose Huck Finn? Is it because Huck Finn unadulterated perspective due to his age? Or perhaps Huck’s lack of experience, which helps to explain Huck's blunders and misfortune throughout the story. Why does Mark Twain choose Huck Finn as his speaker to voice his ideals, opinions, and moral beliefs on America at this point in time?
One reason why Mark Twain choose Huck Finn to be his narrator in his story is his unreliability from his lack of experiences in life. Huck Finn looks out for himself and is very skeptical of the people that have jurisdiction over him. Therefore, he is inconsiderate of his benefactor’s like Widow Douglas. In the beginning of the story
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