Why Negotiation Fail

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Options to Pursue if negotiation Fails

Executive Summary
Every day we are into one or other type of negotiation. A negotiation can be a business negotiation or a non-business negotiation. Negotiation is part of life and there are many negotiations that doesn’t end the way we want.
The following article depicts some of the reason why negotiation fails and what are the various options one should go with if negotiation fails.
This article will tell us some of the major reasons for failure of any negotiation process and options that one can pursue if negotiation fails.
This article has been divided into three parts where first part consist of some of the reason why negotiation fails, second part consist of remedies that one can go for if negotiation
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October 7,2014, we are shutting down the production plant located in Chennai in the absence of orders from our new parent firm(Microsoft)” a Nokia India Official told IANS.

The plant Shut down will result in making 8000 workers jobless.

This step was taken after the software giant Microsoft, who has acquired Finland based Nokia’s global devices and services business, including the Nokia India Business worth $7.2 billion, made a decision to shutdown its Chennai based manufacturing unit though it could not take possession of it due to the legal fight with Tamil Nadu government on Tax issues. The result of which is the government has freezed the nokia asset due to tax dispute over an estimated Rs. 23000 crore.

Nokia has made a total investment of $300 million in Chennai factory since last eight years.

Known as Nokia's largest production facility outside Europe, the Chennai plant started producing low-end mobile handsets from January 2006 after it was unveiled by then prime minister Manmohan Singh in the presence of his Finnish counterpart Matti
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The Gurdwara front of the Nineteen Twenties brought a very important modification within the structure strength and political organisation of the Sikhs as a community, 2 organisations that became the central spiritual and political establishments of the Sikhs. These were the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC), a central body committee for the gurdwaras, and also the Akali. They became the foremost vital political organisation of Sikhs within the geographic region before and when Independence. Another special feature of true of geographic region was the impact of partition itself, that was a good crisis for the Sikh community. solely in March, 1966 when a modification within the leadership of the Akali metric capacity unit and when the Indo- Asian country War of 1965, during which Sikhsoldiers and also the Sikh population of geographic region vie vital roles, was the demand for a Punjabi Suba finally approved by Prime Minister Indira

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