Why Does Parents Trust Diminished?

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Why Has Parents’ Trust Diminished? Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”. Part of being a human is asking why. Without curiosity, we would live in a very primitive society. I often find myself at home wondering, When my mom was a kid, she got to go out. Why can't I? While contemplating, I realized all the various ways the world has evolved, but also all the ways that kids have. Regardless, things are always changing for better or worse. Throughout all this change, has it really gotten worse? In my opinion, the world hasn’t gotten more hazardous for teens. With the aid of sharper communication, we discover more repulsive situations. Parents go onto Facebook finding headlines similar to “Teenagers…show more content…
Recent studies say 92% of teens go online daily, as said by bigthink.com. There is a wide range of vulgar things kids are exposed to online such as inappropriate pop-up ads, illegal drugs, and criminal activity. According to the dictionary, pop culture is: modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people. Pop culture influences our world tremendously. The younger generations see activities that celebrities are doing and suppose it is acceptable for them to do too. Communication isn't just exposing things to parents, it is also for the kids. An icon can act in a disobedient manner and the situation will be projected to the whole world. They are idols to many and now what they did could become a trend. With all the bad things kids are seeing, they could possibly start doing it too. As the old saying goes, “monkey see, monkey do”. Dr. Tim Clinton states that by 8th grade, 30% of kids have tried alcohol. This number advances every grade you go up. Kids undergo peer pressure by the media and many presume it is alright. Dr. Clinton also said that 60% of teens have reported drugs being kept, sold and used in their school. Drugs are very serious and many parents don't want their children doing them. In fact, if you are caught in possession of drugs in Minnesota, you can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison and up to $100,000 in fines. Juvenile’s are in possession of the sinful things they learned about online. Could this be why parents don't trust their
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