Why Does Petruchio Deserve To Live?

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Chiana Valenzuela per. 2 Character: Bianca Round 1 I deserve to survive because I've been kind and respectful to my family as well as others. I love my family and never have I treated my people disrespectfully or in any way that is impolite. I also haven't fulfilled my life with the man I've fallen in love with. Although my sister and I are far two different people, engaging in fights is not what I intend to do. I've continued to behave obediently, but I confess to my true personality and apologize. I've been exposed as a shrew for my behavior towards Lucentio. Even though People now perceive me as a mad woman, I have all the time to change myself if you choose for me to live. I am a young woman waiting to live my life and fix whatever problems there are present. This is why I do not believe that choosing me to die would be a way to end this situation. Round 2…show more content…
He only married my sister for the benefit of himself. He entered into our household just to succeed in his desire of living lavishly. He never cared about Kate's looks or personality but is willing to obtain his goal. To achieve his wants he created a tactic by "taming" Kate and persuading my father, Baptista, into marrying her. He achieved his wish successfully by doing so. This is why I do not agree for Petruchio to remain standing. Kate does not deserve to live because of her ill-mannered being. Firstly, her mistreatment towards others is the reason why people loathe her. She retaliates by striking men who perceive her as a vicious woman. Although we both have shared the life without our mother, there is no reason for her to become so heartless. Her cruel acts is a reason why our father Baptista does not show his tender loving care to her. Though she's been tamed by her husband Petruchio as we see it to be, she is a ticking bomb waiting to

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