Why Does Salva Learn English Analysis

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In this story Salva was hard working to survive he may not have want to do it but he had to so he could survive. “Salva had never been so hungry. He stumbled along, somehow moving one foot ahead of the other.”(23) This show how hard it was to get food during the war. “You seem interested to learn english”. (86) This show how eager Salva is to learn english so he will be able to speak to the aid workers. “The Nile: the longest river in the world, the mother of all life in sudan.”(42) This mean although they don't know how to make the canes Salva still want to help so the can get across the Nile. This tell you all the hard work salva went through just to survive and he was only 11 when he started.

Salva made made many different relationships
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