The Role Of Sexism In Advertising

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Does sexism still exists? Still to this day, people are being judged based off their gender through sexist acts!. One of the many problems that occur in modern day society is that sexism still exists when it is overlook by many people. People are constantly being treated unequally based off their gender when faced with many sexist actions. These actions include sexist ads made to be selling products and being body shamed or the feeling of not having a ‘perfect’ body. With these reasons, people may have an argument against the topic of this essay, but it can be attacked by opposing arguments.
One of the reasons that sexism still exist is through sexist advertisements being shown that is overlooked by people. To begin with, many ads include the
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In the article “Sexist ads banned: No fumbling dads, frazzled wives”, it states “ commercials featuring hapless father's struggling to look after kids and women left to do housework.”, meaning that men in those sexist ads are shown to be incopitied while females are more likely to play a role where they are the caretaker of the household (Hjelmgaard 1). This is counted as sexist because these ads they are assuming the roles each gender plays in a household. Secondly, inappropriate ads are shown to be sexist. These inappropriate ads are sexist because they are using explicit images of the human body to sell products. In an Super Bowl commercial, the Carl's Jr. ad can be represented in the phrase, “ She appears in her entirety in…show more content…
To begin with, there are people who believe that these types of sexism should only be taken lightly and that most people who make these of the comments are just ignorant. There are many ways that these actions could be seen as non-sexist which is when these statements are not to be taken seriously or in some cases, people believe that they are not doing anything wrong when expressing their point of view. In the article,”Social Media/Everyday Sexism Project, states, “So many women I knew were having similar experiences and were repeatedly being told ‘not to complain’ and ‘have a sense of humor’ if they brought up what happened to them.”, which clearing that many of the comments make are the only opinions that are just people’s thoughts or only to be light heartedly (Pearce 1). In one the writing pieces it writes, “A number of people who have been accused of sexist statements are a little bit older; they're not used to being called out on this stuff. I don't think they’re being intentionally sexist.”, meaning that some of the people who are making these “sexist” comments are not used to being discriminated on based off their opinions because of their ignorance of not knowing what they can publicly say. These acts are not supposed to be taken as being sexist because they are people who want to express their perspective, even if those people

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