Why Does Stanley Exist In A Wasteland

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The idea that Stanley exists in a wasteland is very evident in this story, and there are several reasons that support this idea. The depressing physical environment of where the story takes place is one reason. Stanley’s life prior to going to the camp also supports this idea. And since Camp Green Lake is where kids who have committed crimes go, the people at the camp are bound to have affected the atmosphere. To begin, Stanley’s physical environment isn’t a very positive place to be in. Camp Green Lake has a lack of trees, and a lack of nature in general, so the depressing and boring view won’t have anyone looking forward for the next day. Also, as the name implies, Camp Green Lake used to be a lake, but is now a depressing and barren area somewhere in Texas. Which means that there is less water and the chance of getting dehydrated. The people at Camp Green Lake also have to worry about the dangerous yellow-spotted lizard that can be found in holes, and since all they do is dig holes the chance of death is constant.…show more content…
Before any of the events that happen in Holes, Stanley’s great great grandfather was cursed as well as the rest of his family, so that’s apparently one contributing factor to Stanley’s bad luck. Because of his apparent bad luck, he was accused of committing a crime he didn’t commit, which is what brought him to Camp Green Lake in the first place. Stanley was also bullied a lot by the people around him, including the other kids at Camp Green Lake, the administrators at the camp, and a kid in middle school who was a lot smaller than
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