Why Does The Bill Of Rights Protect America

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America is all about protecting our rights as individuals and treating us fairly. They have expanded to protect all our rights and got better to improve our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Although Thomas Jefferson was against the Constitution and was considered an anti-federalist it has proven that the Constitution was the best fit for all Americans. The Bill of Rights has shown plenty of improvement due to the court cases that are currently being resolved. Court cases might’ve been difficult to understand, but have slowly and progressively done the right thing, protecting our rights. As more time has passed the outcome of having more rights for the American individuals have increased dramatically. The 3 words stated in our Constitution is “We The People”, stating every individual of America to be united…show more content…
The Magna Carta is a fundamental foundation set as an example for Americans to have an idea of the rule of law. And with John Locke’s meaningful intention of human nature and human rights, protecting individual 's life, liberty, and property have shown more than enough for America to prove that we have been protected by our rights all along. An example of life would be the second amendment. Which gives us the right to bear arms, which can be seen as protecting the lives of citizens of America. The Bill of rights have evolved drastically, per say, the thirteenth and fifteenth amendments; slaves didn’t have a say, they didn’t have rights - they weren’t even seen as people back then. You can see that now we’re getting better, for instance, we can look at the nineteenth amendment and now women have rights. So, with that being said, the three branches of government have developed in a way that is equal and fair for every citizen in America. Although anti-federalist have believed that it wasn’t it has proven to be the best constitution to reunite us through all the

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