Why Doesn T Women Be Allowed To Go Freely In Kabul

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Why Women should be allowed to go outside freely in Kabul

On September 27,1996, the Taliban took over Kabul, Afghanistan. Ever since then, women are not allowed to go outside without a burqa whereas men could just go outside without a specific dress code.

The Taliban believes that Women should not be allowed to go outside without a burqa. Afghan women were forced to wear the burqa at all times in public, because, according to one Taliban spokesman, "the face of a woman is a source of corruption" for men not related to them.

Afghanistan was so peaceful before the Taliban ruled and there was no such thing as gender inequality. However, in this very day, men and women are treated very differently as if women are corrupt and no longer human.
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Aren 't they human too?‘Why should we tell women what to wear? What it boils down to is choice. If women don’t have a choice over what to wear then they are oppressed. It has now become the point where the term ‘ Human rights violation’ would be a good term to describe the current situation.

This rule should come to an end as Women are human too snd should also be given the same about of rights as men. Women enjoyed relative freedom, to work, dress generally as they wanted, to drive and appear in public alone until only 1996. It is not their tradition or culture, but is alien to them, and it is extreme even for those cultures where fundamentalism is the rule.

The Taliban members should really consider this rule and whether or not it is fair and whether or not it violates the rights of women. Women should be allowed to go outside freely by any means and given the same rights as
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