Why Dogs Should Be Allowed To Work

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Do you think that workplaces should allow their employess to bring their dogs with them to work? In my opinion, I believe they should be allowed to bring their k9 companions with them to work. Dogs are believed to help people experience a sense of well being, and also lower stress and anxiety. Also, I believe that dogs would make us happier in our workplaces, and help us to get more work accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

There are those people who are aginst bringing their dogs with them to work. They push the argument that not all people are fans of dogs, and that they wouldn't feal comfortable around them. They also bring up the issue of not knowing the temperments of all dogs, so they wouldn't know whether a dog would behave in the workplace or not. A statment of a local employee in a survey about this subject said, "Even pets that are well-behaved at home may act unpredictably in a new enviroment or around unfamiliar people." (Against Bringing Dogs to Work)
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When people are pushed for a deadline on their work, they tend to be stressed and rushed. The affect of having stressed out employees would affect a buisness in many negative ways, as well as the employees health. If the buisness would allow dogs at work, a dog could keep a person from stressing out with it's loving and playful nature. An employee of another local buisness made the statment, "If we could pet or play with our dogs during the course of our workday, we would probably feel better and show up to work more often." (In Support of Bringing Dogs to

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