Why Dress Codes Are Bad

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Dress codes may help but are they overly excessive. Dress codes make attitudes better, and have a better learning environment. They also make students want to learn more than they do. On the other side they are taking away students rights, and do not allow students to express themselves. The dress codes go against the laws of the United States. Dress codes help students be appropriate but it can also be too much. There are many ups and downs for dress codes they are helpful and have rules, positive, and are negative .
Although some people dislike dress codes they are very helpful with guidelines. When you are a younger child and wear appropriate clothing you will grow older to wear appropriate clothes. The way you dress also affects how they
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The dress codes for school are very unconstitutional. A lot of schools are shutting down student rights and what they want to wear. The schools will overreact and the things that the school dislikes they will ban whether it is in the dress code or not. The dress codes that they put in to action are too broad. The things that express us the most are not allowed. Students are not having the freedom of speech that they should be allowed. Schools are not allowed to to dismiss material they dislike. If they are gonna keep a dress code then what students wear and don’t wear have to be balanced(Haynes). This shows that dress codes should take it down a bit.
Dress codes should stay but not be so intense. Dress codes help students be better. They also have a lot of guidelines so that students are not being inappropriate. On the other side of the spectrum dress codes do not allow students to express themselves. They also make students feel like they are trapped in all the different things they are not allowed to wear.Dress codes are not the greatest but they will help you in life because they are helpful and have rules, they are negative, and positive. Dress codes help us be appropriate but it can also be too
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