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Tyler kreutzer Diversion essay 9/10/15

Why Drinking is bad and why i made the decision to drink.Drinking is bad because it clouds your judgment and could cause you to make bad decisions that could affect you for the rest of you life . Live if i or maybe one of my friends would have been driving that night and possibly injured or maybe even kill someone that would have been with us for the rest of our lives .It has long term effects like possibly becoming an addict which also could ruin your life .Just over all drinking kills brain cells which is not the smartest thing you could do so under age or not it 's still not a good idea.Now on to the part why i was there that night and why i was drinking .I was there because
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Once a person does become an alcoholic, helping an alcoholic can be very difficult.Alcoholism varys from person to person everyone is different.It efects everyone diffrent . There are so many types of treatments for alcoholics. Such as Alcoholics Anonymous or “AA meetings “ which are meetings that help alcoholics with their recovery. There are also various helping agencies for example, emergency rooms, psychiatric wards, detoxification facilities, mental hospitals, and private physicians. All of these agencies help problem drinkers in Different ways. In all of these agencies different treatment methods are used by the therapists,hypnotherapy, group psychodrama, and also lysergide therapy are just some the treatments used to treat this illness . These treatments can help some problem drinkers with their difficulties. Inpatient care or residential treatment houses is also used by a number of alcoholics. Inpatient care is one of the best treatments, since the personnel are recovered problem drinkers. Outpatient care, on the other hand, are alcoholism clinics which help problem drinkers using various treatment methods. The primary treatment of most alcoholism clinics is group therapy can be conducted in many ways. There are many places where problem drinkers can receive help for their problems. Alcoholism clinics can be found everywhere. The number of all the alcoholism and psychiatric clinics is increasing tremendously. In all the helping agencies various treatments are given to the problem drinkers. All of these treatments can help problem drinkers to alter their

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