Why Cycling Is Great Exercise

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Bicycling is a wonderful activity for so many reasons. It saves on gas consumption, doesn't add pollution to the air, is economical in maintenance compared to a scooter or a car, doesn't require insurance or a license to drive, and offers many health benefits. In fact, cycling is becoming so important and so mainstream that many cities are now adding bike lanes to their major roads and thoroughfares. What was once a sport to be enjoyed in a park or back trail is now a recognized form of transportation with its own designated routes.

Aside from all of the environmental and financial positives, cycling is great exercise. It works all parts of the body since you have to be able to balance yourself while at the same
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The motion keeps blood pumping to and from the heart, and increases healthy circulation throughout the limbs. It is generally safer to the body, as well, than exercise that requires pounding on the knees, feet and joints. There is little pressure on the joints when riding a bike. And although the knees may absorb some pressure, it is usually much less than other forms of exercise such as high impact aerobics, jogging or even…show more content…
For example, an older, frail person who learned to ride on the original style bikes with brakes on the backward pedal may be safer on that same type of bike, rather than a ten-speed with front and rear brake controls on the handlebars. Likewise, using a mountain bike to ride up steep hills and inclines might not be suitable for someone who is rather weak and wobbly on a bike. Always start a cycling exercise regimen at the level that is most comfortable, and on the equipment that bests suits your immediate needs.

That brings us to another point that demonstrates the beauty of cycling. The fact that the designs of bikes are incredibly flexible. With other forms of exercise, you are bound by the strict form of the exercise. For example, there are not too many ways to do situps, and they are not really right for all individuals. But, bikes can be made with relevant options for everyone. They come in different heights and widths. They come with different brake systems and tire sizes. And, they come in styles to suit varying

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