Steroids Should Be Banned

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Doping is using drugs also known more commonly as illegal steroids in sports or competitions. Doping has been banned in baseball since 1991 but testing was not administered for bigger players until 2003. Common drugs used are Anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, and Androstenedione. Drugs like this allow the person using it to train hard and recover faster while also building more muscle although the use of these drugs all have side effects and many can even be fatal. Many people despite the risk of taking these “enhancing drugs” still use them the drug enforcement administration has recorded 1 million of americans between the ages 18 to 34 have taken steroids ijn one time of their lives.There are many different kinds of steroids and different…show more content…
People's biggest argument for steroids is it was for the sport not the player but through everything I have read and gathered it's just for the athlete themselves to always be a better version it's type of cheating of thinking of only yourself . Individualistic ideas come from thinking of only oneself and not the whole group which is what the athlete is thinking in this situation. Athletes risk everything from their sport team and even life to be the best and be better than everyone else this is a pure example of individualism. You could use the argument of its for the team so then it would support collectivism but these drugs do harm to that one person physically not the whole team. Their are not many opposite opinions to using steroids their are definitely a larger amount on one side. Although there are many reasons it should be banned and illegal some people argue that it could even the playing field and be at a higher level. Another argument is that it's costing more money when the sports organizations could be making more because it cost a lot to fix when an athlete has shown positive for doping then when its normal and more people want to ny tickets because it's so
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