Why Eating Food Is So Important In Our Daily Life

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Food is a part of our daily lives. Not only is food essential for survival and well-being, but often, our daily routine revolves around food and how, when, and where we get food and how we will have our meals. Food is much more than just eating something that tastes good, it gives us vital nutrients to help “recharge” our body. Without these nutrients, people can become very ill and can struggle later on in life trying to stay healthy. Continue to read on to see why eating healthy is so important. Ironically, however, Because life is much faster paced than it was twenty years ago, we spend less time choosing, preparing, and eating food. We grab breakfast (if we eat it at all), hurry through lunch, and rarely take time to plan and prepare a well-balanced dinner. Everyone in the family is usually on different schedules, we often rely on prepackaged microwave dinners or take out fast food. “Consequently, many of us don’t eat properly; we spend money on expensive vitamins to make up for poor nutrition: starve ourselves to lose weight, or gain extra weight by filling up on empty calories. Practicing healthy eating habits may take a little more time and planning than we think and can afford, but the benefits of it will pay off in the long run. The result is a healthier, happier way of living”(USA TODAY). “Metabolism is the process by which food is converted into useful energy” (Marks Daily Apple). It begins with chemical processes in the gastrointestinal tract which

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