Why Education Is Education

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I believe life coincides with a need to learn, love and experience, Learning such as education has been around me from a young age and has helped me find solutions to problems I do not understand. Love is a particle of my life because I have support from the people around me who encourage me to move forward. Experience is factor to my life which causes me to learn from my mistakes helps me value life despite it being good or bad.

My entire life growing up, I have been forced to believe by society 's values that without education I can not become successful in life. Society believes that education is key to becoming successful and people or companies tend agree with such statement. If I were to not graduate and not get a High School Diploma, my chances at being offered a job are minimum, as well as getting a GED, I will be restricted to jobs with a low paid rate. Not graduating from High School will also deny me entry to a College or University. Society believes that Education by a school system is needed to get a full understanding of subject. Education taught by a High School or College is useless because from my diploma I get will only grant me access to the doorway. Being able to apply critical thinking skills and finding a solution to cure a disease is way different from finding X in y=x+5 when Y is 10. My life has been surrounded my loving people who support and help me push through a wall. From recent events of me breaking my clavicle. I have experienced a new

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