Tang-Zu Leadership

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Emperor Tang Gao Zu, also known as Li Yuan, was a successful leader. He was the first ruler from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Emperor Tang was very effective with the choices he decided to make for the military and taxation systems that later on paved the way for the oncoming emperors. It will be argued that Tang Gao Zu was a successful leader because he was a the one who established the Tang Dynasty The next reason why Emperor Tang was a successful leader was because he re-established a powerful military. The most significant is that he re-established a stable taxation system. The second reason why Tang Gao Zu was a successful leader was because he was the one who established the Tang Dynasty, and also did a good job at maintaining peace…show more content…
First of all, Tang Gao Zu was selective about his military, which was one of the key reasons why it was so successful. He didn’t just choose the richest, but he chose based on skill. ("The Chinese Tang Dynasty Military: Warfare, Army & Weapons." ). This is significant because these generals and leaders helped Tang Gao Zu with strategy and developing the military to its best state. It shows that he listens to other general and leader’s opinions. Another reason why he was a successful leader was because he was recognized to be very good at coming up with strategies, all so that he took over lots of land, such as the Baiji area. The Baiji area included the North Korean and Northeastern China Peninsula. Emperor Tang’s strategy was so successful that some parts the military conquered was as far as Central Asia. This is important because once land is conquered, it means that there is access to many resources, and also expansion of territory. ("The Golden Age of Tang.") Tang Gao Zu and his superb strategies is significant because it shows that he is dedicated to win. Tang Gao Zu was an initiated leader, which lead to success in
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