Why Everyone Should Be Able To Vote

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When you turn 18 you are now a legal adult and have the right to vote. I know that ever since i was a little kid, I thought it was so facinating that my parents got to go and write their vote down on a piece of paper and vote for the president of the United States. In a small town, change is scary. Everyone likes things to stay just like they always have been, expecialy the older people.

I agree that everyone should be able to vote, and it is unfair to those who have disabilities. In the passage "Everyone Should Be Able to Vote", it sates that "The united states has 33.7 million people of voting age with disabilities. They are 20% less likely to vote, largely due to accessibility issues." Because of that reason the EVMs are a good alternative. It also states that the machines help people that cant speak english. "EVMs can also provide ballots in many different languages." Paper ballots only have a few lanuage options, therfore those people would need help reading from the poll workers, which would invade their privacy. For these reasons I believe that the machines would help make voting more fair for people that want to participate in the polls.
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One reason is, think of all the germs on the equiptment, which could assentualy make people sick. In the passage "Electronic Voting Is a Bad Idea", it states that EVMs should not be trusted. "Like all computers EVMs can be hacked", "...EVMs in Virginia were shut down during an election when dozens of voters reported that the machines had incorrectly recorded their votes." Why should we waist so much money on machines that some states cant even afford to keep updated, if they have so many probable issues. Some people cant even figure out how to work them, not even they people working the
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