Should Extracurricular Activities Be Compulsory In Middle School

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Extracurricular activities are usually fun to be a part of. Taking part in the things that you are good and talented at tends to be a good thing. It gives students a chance to express themselves, gives them more skills on that activity, and may even help them in the future with jobs and raising a family. Though, in most cases, these activities aren 't for everyone. There is a myriad of reasons that these extracurricular activities could be good for a student, but when it comes down to the fine details, it may not be the best decision. When making choices to make these activities happen, we may need to take all points of view into consideration. When I was in seventh grade I was just simply involved in too many activities. My grades started to slip and I started to become more stressed than I was happy. Any student that is in this situation knows that it might be stressful for these things to be going on. Therefor, I disagree that extracurricular activities should be mandatory in schools.…show more content…
Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Kids in middle school usually have a lot going on. They have social lives, tons of schoolwork, and other activities sustaining them through their middle school years. If you add multiple activities together then you might end up with a tired and overwhelmed student, instead of a happy and well rounded one. Of course one might say "Oh just take them out of the one they are in to make room for the required one." This may also cause damage. Of course if they love their activity or have a good talent in that area then they might be sad to be taken out of that. It may cause the students in this situation to not treat any of the people nicely at their extracurricular. Or may even try to skip their required activity. Overall, it wouldn 't be too good for a student to
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