The Importance Of Fear

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Picture this. You were told that squirrels were the world's most dangerous animal. They can tear you to shreds with their razor sharp teeth. They kill and feed on humans. They can leap over a 2-storey building in a single bound. Now suppose that belief was absolutely true for you? Then you are out in the forest enjoying a leisurely walk and you came across a squirrel! What would your reaction be? Scared to death? Nervous? Overcome with fear?? FEAR IS BAD This is exactly how fear has been instilled in you from a young age. You likely learned that: Fear is bad! Being afraid is a sign of weakness. Successful and brave people don't experience fear. You have to get over it or it will keep you from getting ahead in life. So…show more content…
Rather, you allow let yourself be pushed around by your emotions. The myth that your strong emotions are dangerous is created and for us to act the way we really want, we have to be in control of our feelings. Avoidance Mode Fear is an unpleasant feeling most of the time and because of this, we will do anything to avoid it or make it go away. These are some of the usual ways we get rid of fear... Distraction We use drinking, eating, drugs, TV, video game, working long hours, cleaning or exercising to keep ourselves distracted from feeling fear. Opting Out We keep away from situations that challenge us or make us feel uncomfortable by withdrawing, procrastinating, quitting, avoiding people, events or places that we fear. Thinking We think our way out of fear by ignoring our feelings, attempting to have a more positive outlook, being hard on ourselves, blaming other people, trying to solve problems or asking yourself "Why me?" or trying to imagine "What if..", bringing up the past or attempting to escape by picturing a blissful future. WHEN AVOIDANCE TURNS INTO AN…show more content…
GET BACK ON THE HORSE After taking a big tumble, most people become fearful and lose their self-confidence. This is why they suggest getting up and trying again to get back your self-confidence. Your fear gets bigger and bigger the longer you put off getting back on the horse. This is called "exposure" by Psychologists. You need to stay in contact with your fear until you get accustomed to it with gradual exposure. This approach is useful when dealing with phobias like heights and snakes. EMOTIONAL AMPLIFIER Experiential avoidance is the term used if your fear is a feeling, sensation or emotion. It is similar to an emotional amplifier: it grabs your fear and amplifies it, making you want to avoid it even more. What is the solution? Should you just grin and bear it? There are more effective ways of dealing with fear other than "tolerating it" or "just putting up with it." There is no need to run away or talk yourself out of fear. There is no need for self-medicating with alcohol, drugs or food. Don't "fake it until you believe it." Want to find how to deal with your fear? Click the link below and set up an appointment for my FREE clarity
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