Why Focusing Too Narrowly In College Could Backfire Analysis

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Senior year of high school is a year of many changes from students. They begin by having to make adult decisions midway through their big year. Do they want to continue to go to school, if so what school do they want to go to? More importantly what major do they want to choose? This major will contradict what jobs they will be able to get and if that job is unavailable then what will be the students next option. This is only part of what Peter Cappelli was explaining in his article “Why Focusing Too Narrowly in College Could Backfire”.
In “Why Focusing Too Narrowly in College Could Backfire” Cappelli explains how that business majors out number liberal art majors 2-1 in America, but how will that play out when it comes to job searching if the job market is filled with more employees than employers. “When going into college and going the traditional route, you should wait on choosing a major” Capelli says. Although picking your major later in your college career seems a bit fishy, there are many reasons it may benefit you in the long run. During college you usually focus on certain classes that go straight towards your graduation requirements, but if you hold off you will then have the ability to venture into other field and broaden your abilities.
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Here he that: “Students poured into IT programs in the late 1990s, responding to the Silicon Valley Boom, only to graduate after 2001 into the tech bust”. The statement supports his argument clearly. Everyone went into IT school seeking the same career, which caused an overload in the industry. But what Capelli didn’t point out was the career paths those took who didn’t go into IT
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