Why Football Is Important To Me Essay

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The career I want to do when I get older is football. There are so many reasons why football is a good fit for me and here they are. Football means a lot to me I've been playing it since 3rd grade and I have made so many memories and loved every second of the games and practices. I have made so many friends that I will never forget. Also, I always play 100% in each and every game no matter if we win or lose. My coaches elected me to be the captain of the team, which is awarded to the best player on the team. Also every other year I make all-stars because I always try in every drill we do which makes me better so I am always the best. In peewee’s I won defensive player of the year in all stars. In pony, I was offensive player of the year. This year for midget’s I won 2nd team all-star starting quarterback.

The first reason why football is the best career for me is that it means so much to me. If you have ever seen me play football you will see why it means so much to me. It means so much to me because it’s the one sport that I always try to get better and better each year. Also, it means so much to me because I’ve made so many new friends and memories with my coaches and teammates. The one memory I will never
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I never give up in football because I’ve seen some crazy games where teams are down by 10 with a minute left and they come back and win. Additionally, I never give up is because if I start looking like I am sad that we are going to lose I know my team will also think that because I am the captain of the team. Besides I hate not giving 100% in any sport because I know that I could have done better and maybe helped my team win if we lost or if we won by 6. When I know that we are playing a hard team I will always tell my teammates that we can beat them or act like we can because, that we make my teammates be happy and play better in all aspects of that
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