Why Football Is Important To Me

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I’ve strived throughout my high school career to be the person others can look up to and follow on and off the field. Whether with it be my family, friends, or teammates. I’ve continued to try to set a good example and lead others. Just a few weeks after the end of my junior season, before our teams first lifting session I was awarded Varsity Captain decided by a vote held earlier by my fellow teammates and coaches. The coaches wanted to try something new in an attempt to gain some leadership in the weight room well before the start of our regular season. I was as much excited, as I was nervous. Knowing I was the man that would be held to a higher standard than the rest gave me a sense of dignity and pride. Afraid to let anyone down, I made it my personal responsibility to take charge.…show more content…
Football has taught me to be humble and realize that a team is always stronger than an individual. Looking back on my final senior season I think of all the things I could have done differently to possibly bring to team together just for the chance to play one more game. Everything I learned from my time playing foot I will remember and use to continue to compete to be a respectable young man and I am very eager to move on to my next phase in life. I hope to continue to add onto my achievements and develop into a better person along the way. Being thankful for the chances I was given I will continue to make the best of them and continue to work for my
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