Why Football Should Be Banned

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In the United States of America, football is perhaps the most revered sport of all time. It is essentially a right of passage for every child to play a sport at some point and many children choose to play football as it is one of the United States favorite past times. When people conjure up the image of the typical American football player, the image of a kid wearing a letterman jacket with the school logo and a bit of a hotheaded attitude immediately come to mind along with the notion that they are all jocks and bullies. The whole premise of football is to chase and tackle people of the opposing team in pursuit of a piece of stuffed pig skin commonly known as a football. Tackling people can, to a certain extent, be considered an act of extreme aggression and by encouraging young children to want to attack their peers in pursuit of something so menial it teaches them that…show more content…
Some of the most common injuries seen in youth football include traumatic knee injuries such as ACL/PCL tears and damage to the cartilage of the knee, shoulder injuries such as damage to the cartilage surrounding the socket of the shoulder, concussions, back pain from overuse, and heat stroke, and complications related to dehydration. Many youth football players also must deal with broken bones and torn ligaments. With the amount of injuries these young athletes are at risk of getting, it’s amazing that parents even let their children play football at all. Although uncommon, there have been football injuries resulting in paralysis and other injuries that affect the quality of life for the individual in question. With the amount of injuries young football players are exposed to, it would be reasonable to consider banning the sport in people under the age of 18
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