Why Friendship Are Important In Human Life

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Since the ancient times, relationship is a part of individuals’ lives that is inadequate to be separated. Relationship is defined as the interconnection between human beings that includes family, romance and friendships. Friendships are defined as voluntary bound within persons connected or related to one another. This relation is found to be crucial in humans’ lives. However, friendships have been disdained compare to others relations. In this century, friendships have steadily being considered to be crucial to the point where researches about friendship are being conducted. In the past decade, friendships are often viewed as a minor bond compared to marriage and family. In fact, friendships are the key relationship in the 21st century. The reasons why friendships are crucial among others are because individuals have an intimate bond with each other, increase work productivity, crucial part of life and friendships facilitate psychological resilience.

The first reason why friendships are crucial among others is because individuals have an intimate bond with each other. As it is mention before, friendships are defined to be a voluntary bond where individuals keep connection with each other who often shares the same commonalities. Commonalities, sharing same features, can be categorised as age (peers), attitude, values, same stage of life for instance; hardships of adapting new environment for international students eventually, this allows individuals to find identical
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