Why Gay People Need To Come Out?

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Why do Gay People Need to Come Out?

One in one hundred people in Britain alone openly say that they are in fact gay. It does not make sense that this great number of men and women are still being treated differently by society after they’ve had to ‘come out ‘ and tell their friends and family about their sexual preference. It is difficult to understand how someone can still be homophobic considering much bigger issues that should have more of the public’s attention. Throughout this essay I will discuss

Firstly something I struggle to understand is how homophobia still has an impact and can change the views on the way someone acts towards a friend or loved one. Telling friends and family a sexual preference is extremely unnecessary. Bringing home someone of the same sex should be treated no differently from bringing home the opposite gender. Depending on whether parents had suspected or noticed that their child was perhaps gay, some parents will be completely unaware and when they do find out they can act insensitive and
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“Last night at dinner I felt like I got hit by a truck… my mom knows I’m gay but my dad doesn’t know and I’m never telling him”. This is an example of how being in this situation can make someone feel dreadful and so uncomfortable with a very close family member. This feeling of being “hit by a truck” shows how much pain this boy is feeling, as he is terrified someone of his own family will not be able to accept the fact of him being gay. From an online survey researched it states that more young people have been coming out at the age of 18 compared to older generations which shows a massive development that teenagers are much more confident now on the subject than anyone before. These older generations are those who feel gay people make them feel ‘uncomfortable
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